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A Guide to Washing Your Dog

Contrary to popular belief, washing your dog isn’t as simple as getting your dog wet, scrubbing some soap into their fur, rinsing the dog, and leaving it to dry. Bathing your dog is actually far more complicated than that. While there are some simple general rules for how you should wash your dog, how often you wash your dog and the tools you need to wash your dog vary depending on your dogs breed and type of coat.


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Pet-icures and Other Paws-itivity from Petworks

Welcome to the freshly relaunched monthly newsletter from Petworks, where we’ve decided it’s spring (whether Mother Nature knows it yet or not). Spring! Time to take the dog for longer walks, sit outside with the chickens, and keep the cat from eating the blooms you’ve arranged in a vase on the table. And when you start in on a cleanout of the closets, don’t forget about your furry friends–they need a little spring spiffing too.

Get Your Groom On

Get your groom onLet’s talk dogs. Every winter, most dogs grow a thicker coat to combat the cold. With spring, of course, comes the Big Shed (and furballs tumbleweeding through the house). You can help your dog with this process by brushing and bathing her, but even better (and involving fewer puddles on your bathroom floor) would be to take your dog to a groomer and let them decide on the best tool for your dog’s coat and/or undercoat and/or dreadlocks: a brush, or a slicker brush, or a rake, or a comb, or a trim. Other important areas to attend to are the ears, eyes, and toenails. (Dog owners know the real secret to inner peace isn’t a pedicure for your own paws but one for the defiant dog!) Check the Petworks listings for a mobile groomer near you.

Petworks Connections

petmasters connectionsAs you can see, Petworks is the place to hook up with all manner of experts in their fields–from groomers to trainers to clinical pet nutritionists. Every day we serve as a bridge between pet parents and pros. It’s one of the most important functions we provide, so we take seriously every pet pro, every pet parent, and every communication between them. In future newsletters, we’ll be going “Behind the Scenes at Petworks” with stories from our pro and parent peeps.

Focus On: Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Julie Ulrich

If you want to hear some stories direct from your pet, you can always check in with an animal communicator. “How does that work?” you might ask. Well, we can tell you! Through our exclusive interview with Julie, we learned that answer and a lot more about this fascinating field. Based in New York, she offers in-person or distance energy sessions for animals (and their people). “Animals have so much wisdom to share with their humans!” Julie says.

Feature: Our Founder and His Family

As you might expect, Petworks founder Michael Caldwell and his wife, Danielle, and kids (Graham, 13, and twins Noah and Chris, 9) are all devoted to animals. Pictured here are the human Caldwells with their canine family member, Poppy, on her “gotcha” day three years back (all the way from the great big state of Texas courtesy of Rescue Road Trips). Poppy has a feline brother, Snowy, and a feline sister, Clementine, whose purr competes with the TV when she’s busy sleeping on your chest. Rounding out the family are Noah and Chris’s lively but lamentably nocturnal hamsters, Fluffy and Cookie, and Bubbles the betta fish, who keeps watch over the Caldwell kitchen counter. Any future additions to the menagerie? Maaaaaybe a bunny (Mom and Dad?). As Graham points out, “They’re like a pretty good size–not too big and not too small–and they’re fluffy.”

Coming Next Month … 

Thanks so much for reading! Feel free to stop by and put in a request for a pet-pro quote (, and stay tuned for our May “Focus On” pet detectives (and not the Ace Ventura kind)!


Yours in pet prosperity,
Team Petworks

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Brushing Up on Pet Grooming Certifications

by Olivia Watson, Team Petworks

Most pet parents would agree that when they request a pet service of any kind, they are looking for a trustworthy, responsible, and above all qualified professional to care for the animal they love. Yet with so many certifications, associations, and organizations surrounding pet professionals, it can be difficult to navigate these titles and the skillsets they represent. So what does professionalism look like in the pet grooming industry, especially for pet parents who may have no idea who they’re handing their precious pup or favorite feline off to for hours at a time?  (more…)