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Mobility Tips for Senior Pets

mobility for senior pets

by Dr. Dani McVety, Founder and CEO of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice

Mobility issues are the most common of all problems reported to us by dog owners. At least 50% of our patients struggle with some level of mobility difficulty. By a wide margin, the number-one reported ailment from pet owners in my line of work, which is veterinary hospice care, is that their pet is having difficulty with mobility. These issues range from struggling to stand, splaying while at their food bowl, or, in some cases, the complete inability to walk. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of mobility issues in geriatric pets, but soft tissue injuries, disc disorders, stenosis, and neuropathy also could be the root of the issue. (more…)

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Helping Children Cope with Pet Loss

children pet loss grief

by Dr. Dani McVety, Founder and CEO of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice

For children, the loss of a pet is often their first experience with death. Children tend to grieve differently than adults do, and they need lots of love, guidance, and support. Parents often want to shelter children from death, which is understandable, but honesty can be the best thing. Each child is unique, and each age group and stage of development can have different reactions. (more…)

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Dealing with Pet Loss

by Rae Mazzei, Clinical Health Psychologist, owner of Evolutions Behavioral Health

Losing a pet can be devastating. Our animal friends provide us with so much during their short life. They give us companionship, emotional support, and even physical guidance. Everyone has a unique relationship with their pet. For some, the loss of a pet is fairly unemotional and recovery is quick. For others, a pet death can trigger intense feelings of grief. Whatever your experience, you may find you need help dealing with this difficult time.


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Picking Your Next Pet After Loss

picking your next pet after loss 1

by Kara Udziela, Animal Communicator and owner of Pet’s Eye View

Losing a great companion animal is one of the biggest heartaches we will ever experience. Some people are so heartbroken, they swear they will never love another animal. Although I understand this deep pain, after years of communicating with animals, I can tell you that almost without fail, they want you to give that great love to another pet. Dogs and cats especially seem to know that there are many living animals needing love, and you, as a good person, should share it. If you have decided it is time to get a new companion animal, it can be a challenge to pick the best fit.  (more…)