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What Is A Dog Psychic

dog psychic

What exactly is a dog psychic or animal communicator? While many are familiar with psychics’ ability to connect with departed loved ones, their talents extend beyond human communication. Dog psychics possess the gift to interact with dogs and variety of animals, both living and deceased. Ever longed to converse in the language of dogs? Although we’ve yet to discover a modern-day Dr. Doolittle, an adept dog communicator serves as a remarkable alternative. They offer insights into your canines experiences, allowing you to perceive the world from their perspective. (more…)

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Dog Mediums

Dog Mediums

Dogs embody companionship, friendship, and familial bonds. Yet, could our connection with dogs extend beyond the tangible? Enter the captivating realm of dog psychic mediums, individuals who profess to engage with dogs on a spiritual plane. In this post, I embark on an exploration of dog mediums, delving into their beliefs, methodologies, and the controversies encircling their practice. (more…)

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California Psychics

California Psychics

In the sun-kissed state of California, where the waves meet the shore and the mountains touch the sky, there exists a mystical realm that transcends the ordinary – a world where whispers are heard not by human ears but by the intuitive souls of pet psychics. These animal communicators possess a unique gift, a connection to the animal kingdom that allows them to delve into the minds and hearts of our beloved furry companions. In this article, I embark on a journey to unravel the enigmatic world of pet psychics who call California home.


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Tips When Your Pet Goes Missing

Lost Pets –

Losing a pet can be devastating. Pets are our children, and when they go missing, we are overwhelmed with loss, sadness, anxiety, and a feeling of helplessness. There are a few things you can do to help your pet when they go missing:

1.  If you can’t find them, start contacting local shelters, rescues, and send them a picture, name and age of your pet and the date they went missing.

2.  Talk to all your neighbors, and post the animals pictures to mailboxes and posts inside and a bit outside of your location.

3.  Place your pet’s favorite toys outside, one of your sweaters with your scent on it, blankets they love, or a pet bed. Animals have a strong sense of smell. Your scent will carry to them through the wind.

4.  Post to social networks: Facebook, Instagram and local missing pet groups.

5.  Contact local rescue and find groups – there are lots of volunteers willing to help find your pet at no cost. In fact, I have worked with many volunteer groups as a pet communicator, to help give them locations for searching for your pet. Advise if your pet is not well or on any medications.

6.  Contact an Animal Communicator to work with.

7.  Do the home exercises noted below.

8. Find and book a Lost Pet Finder near you.


1.  Don’t use more than one animal communicator when locating a lost pet. It’s confusing for both you and the pet. Every animal communicator will take a different read and pick up different things about your pet. Neither of them is wrong but it will be different. Using more than one communicator may pull a different read and be confusing to you. When a communicator connects with the energy of your pet; it’s like meeting them in person. If too many communicators are connecting with your pet, it can be distressful and confusing. When an animal starts wandering or looking for something they have picked up on, their natural instincts have already kicked in. Their energies are on high alert and they become very excited. Add too many people to the pot and the animal may not want to connect. If your animal is hurt, this is even more distressing because they may be tired, in pain, emotionally distraught and scared.

2.  Do not send your pet emotional energies indicating you are upset, angry, hurt, worried. Your pet is naturally connected to you. When your pet feels these emotions from you it can send the wrong message or it can distress them or make them think they are not welcome home again or that they may be in trouble. Many times I have had to work with a lost pet and calm them down, let them know it’s ok to come home and they are not in trouble for leaving.

3.  Release your expectations on the pet and others trying to help you. It again sends the wrong message to your pet and the people working with you. I know this can be very difficult to do when a pet is missing but it is the best thing you can do for your pet and for yourself. Remain calm.

4.  Don’t give up on your pet unless you’re absolutely sure. You need to follow your own personal instincts on this. No one (not even an animal communicator) knows your pet better than you. You are connected deeply with your animal more than anyone else and you will know inside if they are still out there, hurt, stolen or passed on. I have connected pets with parents that have been missing more than 6 months. Sometimes it can take more than 3 readings; engaging rescue groups and posting everywhere in social media. There is never any guarantee in locating a lost pet, but we do our best as pet owners, communicators, rescuers and those that just have a love for animals in general and want to volunteer.

Home Exercises

Every night your pet is missing, you can send your home light to help your pet find their way home. Imagine the whitest of lights beaming from the sky down on your home. Send a visualization of this to your pet simply by thinking of them and showing them the light.

Place a picture of your pet under your pillow before you go to bed. Send them good thoughts that’s that you miss them; you welcome them home and let them know you love them.

About the Author

Terri BeauchampTerri Beauchamp is a natural born Empath who has developed her skills over the years and can easily sense the energies of those around her. She has the ability to perceive physical sensitivities, motivations and intentions, spiritual urges, and much more.

As a child, Terri grew up on a farm surrounded by many animals including horses, sheep, cows, pigs and so much more. She has a love for all animals and a deep respect for the rescue groups that work hard to find animals a home. She has 4 rescues of her own; 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Terri Beauchamp has appeared on the web TV show Living in Colour, the radio with All Business Media FM, featured by the Canadian Reiki Association monthly news and her children’s meditation guide (Willow Bee The Tree) was selected for the 2017 Brampton Library Local Author’s Showcase.

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Animal Communication

Ever wondered about the role of an animal communicator? Or questioned whether pets have the capacity to converse with humans? Welcome to the captivating realm of animal communication. If you’ve ever marveled at the graceful flight of birds, or pondered the deep connections between distant elephants, you’ve caught a glimpse of the intricate communication woven throughout the animal kingdom. (more…)