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How to Heal From the Loss of a Beloved Pet

how to heal from the loss of a pet

by Indrani Das, Certified Animal Reiki Teacher & Owner of Way of Artemis 

Saying that final goodbye to all the cats I have lost over the years has been heart-wrenching. The grief never entirely disappears. Sometimes, it comes creeping up at the most unexpected of moments. Each loss goes into weaving a new thread in this fabric of life. Even though we carry on the dance of life, we now do so with fond memories. We hold them in our hearts for all times to come. Our lives are much richer because amazing souls choose to share their journey with us. (more…)

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Tips When Your Pet Goes Missing

Lost Pets

Losing a pet can be devastating. Pets are our children and when they go missing, we are overwhelmed with loss, sadness, anxiety and a feeling of helplessness. There are a few things you can do to help your pet when they go missing: (more…)

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Vacation Tips for Pet Parents

heartsong animal healing

by Cindie Ambar, certified Animal Reiki master and founder of Heartsong Animal Healing

With Covid restrictions easing, many of us are planning a much needed vacation! That said, worrying about your animal companion can take some of the fun out of your time away, so I am sharing a few tips to help make it as enjoyable as possible for all of you. (more…)

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Demystifying Remote Animal Communication

The ability to communicate effectively with animals at a distance is something that mystifies most people. However, it is not really as unusual as it seems. Many animals communicate in a variety of different ways – though often nonverbally. In remote animal communication, the method of connection is known as high sense perception


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Interview with Animal Communicator Julie Ulrich

Julie Ulrich Animal Communicator

Ever wish your pet could talk to you—in English? Well, there might just be a way to facilitate that. Learn how intuitive connection works in our exclusive interview with Julie Ulrich, animal communicator and Reiki master. (more…)