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For your furry, fluffy, feathery, scaly, soft, spiky pets – whether they purr, chirp, bark, neigh, squeak, or oink – we’re there. To give them a brighter smile, a healthier diet, a soothing massage, a day in the spotlight, a place to heal – whatevfur they may need.


For our loving pet parents, who spare no expense when it comes to the care of precious pets. To help you design the perfect healthy diet, to train your fun-loving (but sometimes disobedient) pup, to connect you with the best animal chiropractor in your area, to honor your pet’s life when it has to end, or to deal with the grief that accompanies this difficult loss.


For our unique and qualified pet pros who fill every niche of the industry. To connect you with families across the country who rely on your expertise. To give you a platform to promote your business and an opportunity to educate pet parents about the best ways to provide for all pets.


Petworks was founded by online entrepreneur Michael Caldwell, whose lifetime love of animals led him to build this unique and comprehensive marketplace for pets and the people who serve them. Joining forces with him is close friend and business partner, Kevin Kinyon, a pet parent who also understands that our animals are family and deserve the same love, attention, and service that we do.

Pet Parents can join free by going to https://www.petworks.com/join

Are you a pet professional looking to expand your client reach, establish your web presence and/or grow your business? We have pets looking for professionals like you! Join our exclusive marketplace of service providers.                        
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