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April: “Eggstra” Special Topper

April topper recipe

by Samantha Henson, licensed Clinical Pet Nutritionist and founder of Next Generation Pet Wellness​

Have some leftover hard-boiled eggs from the Easter bunny? Let’s put them to good use!

This topper features some of the best ingredients spring has to offer and should leave your pup with a hop in his step.


– 2 hard-boiled eggs

– 6 ounces chicken breast

– 1 large carrot

– 3 tbsp chopped fresh wheatgrass

– 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley


1. Peel and chop the eggs. Add to mixing bowl.

2. Cook the chicken using your favorite cooking method, chop into bite-sized pieces, add to bowl.

3. Cut the carrot into bite-sized pieces and steam or cook until soft enough to puree.

4. Add the carrot, wheatgrass, and parsley to a food processor or blender and blend until well broken down. (feel free to add water or bone broth if needed)

5. Fold everything together until well mixed, store in refrigerator for up to 4 days.

6. Replace ¼ of your dog’s daily meals with this fresh food topper for added health benefits


Eggs – Packed with protein and rich in many essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins including A and B12, as well as folate, iron, selenium, and riboflavin. Eggs provide benefits ranging from improved skin and coat health to stronger teeth and bones.

Chicken – Great source of protein and amino acids used to build lean muscles in dogs. Even picky eaters typically eat foods with fresh chicken in them.

Carrots – Rich in Vitamin A, which supports eye health, boosts the immune system, and helps make your pet’s skin and coat healthier.

Wheatgrass – Effective digestive aid that can improve bowel health as well as provide antioxidant benefits throughout the body. Sweet taste that dogs love.

Parsley – One of the best natural sources of Vitamin K you can give to your dog. Vitamin K helps maintain a healthy blood clotting system and promotes liver health. Parsley is also rich in folic acids and antioxidants.

About the Author

Samantha HensonSamantha has spent the last 12 years dedicating her life to the health and wellness of animals. She has helped well over 1,500 cats and dogs live their happiest and healthiest lives through proper, biologically appropriate nutrition, supplementation, and exercise. She gives pet owners the tools and education they need to help their furry family members. She started Next Generation Pet Wellness as a way for people to get unbiased information about pet nutrition.

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