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What Should I Feed My Newly Adopted Pet?

By Sarah Lyman, owner of Bonafide Pet Nutrition & Counseling  Whether you recently adopted a new puppy, kitten, adult dog, or cat, it’s important that you set your pet up for success with a healthy diet. This will ensure a strong and vibrant immune system — not to mention  general health and well-being. Here are …

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Your Guide to Adopting a Dog or Cat

By Alex Eaton, owner of Healing Bay Pet Nutrition Congratulations! You have made the wonderful decision to adopt a furry family member. It’s an exciting feeling, but figuring out the next steps can be a little daunting — especially for those new to pet parenting. Whether you’re adopting a new fluffy puppy or a senior …

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Reiki Healing & Pets

Reiki for Cats

by Shawna Ricci B.A., CCMT, CFTBS, ABCDT Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. It can be offered to humans or animals of any age and is a safe, gentle method of healing. It involves the transfer of “Universal” or Source energy from practitioner to client. This can be done hands-on, from a short …

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Keep Your Pet Safe During the Fall Months

Keep your pet safe during the fall months

by Dr. Karen and Rob Twyning, founders of Pet Loss At Home A number of potentially poisonous substances come out of storage in the Fall. They include rat and mouse poisons, antifreeze and mothballs. Mushrooms and toadstools are also likely to pop up in Fall and can be deadly to pets as well. Take your …

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Rescue Me

by Jeff Levy, LCSW I received a phone call earlier this week from Ray, a long time client. He rarely calls between sessions so when I listened to his voicemail asking me to call him back, I knew there was something important happening in his life. When we eventually spoke, it was through tears he …