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How to Heal From the Loss of a Beloved Pet

how to heal from the loss of a pet

by Indrani Das, Certified Animal Reiki Teacher & Owner of Way of Artemis  Saying that final goodbye to all the cats I have lost over the years has been heart-wrenching. The grief never entirely disappears. Sometimes, it comes creeping up at the most unexpected of moments. Each loss goes into weaving a new thread in …

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5 Tips For Taking Better Photos Of Your Dog.

Black Lab in field

by: Terri Jankelow, professional pet photographer & owner of Terri J Photography We all have hundreds of snapshots of our dogs stored on our mobile phones. But are these photos really the ones that bring out the best in your dog, the ones that you will want to print and display in your home and …

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Understanding is the key to good relationships with our pets

Understanding Our Pets

by Suzanne Fuqua, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA We love our pets, there’s no question about that. And love includes feelings of affection and attachment, care, closeness, and trust. How can we show love to our pets beyond the basics of appropriate care? By understanding them and being patient when we don’t understand them. Canine emotion and cognition …

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July: National Kitten Day – Topper for Kittens (July 10th)

July Topper Recipe

by Samantha Henson, licensed Clinical Pet Nutritionist and founder of Next Generation Pet Wellness​ In honor of National Kitten Day, we have a topper that is sure to peak your kitty’s attention and help build your bond. This can also be used for our not-so-kitten-aged kittens!

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Harness the Benefits of a Harness

benefits of a harness

by Beatrix Beri, CPDT-KA, UW-AAB If you ever had to come into close contact with a long aisle of various harnesses at a pet store, you likely experienced the overwhelming feeling that often pairs with purchasing a dog harness.