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Goat Therapy: Licensed to be Cute

goat therapy

by Cora Moore Bruffy, CEO and Founder of Faeryland’s Farm Goat therapy is using goats to provide us with comfort and support so that we can destress and be happy and healthy. Goats can be used therapeutically to aid a variety of mental, emotional, and behavioral issues as well as to provide a general sense …

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Helping Children Cope with Pet Loss

children pet loss grief

by Dr. Dani McVety, Founder and CEO of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice For children, the loss of a pet is often their first experience with death. Children tend to grieve differently than adults do, and they need lots of love, guidance, and support. Parents often want to shelter children from death, which is understandable, …

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6 Ways to Take Care of Your Horse During the Heat of Summer

horse drinking water from a hose

by Sandra Burnett, RN & Independent BEMER Distributor No matter where in the United States you live, summer days can sometimes be excruciatingly hot. And while fun in the sun is great for humans, it can be deadly for horses if you aren’t vigilant about their welfare. Your horse’s skin contains sweat glands that help …

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It’s Doggy Camp Time!

Dog at camp

by Jean Ann Carrigan, owner of Ms C’s Bed & Biscuits Dogs form strong attachments to their owners, owners provide necessities of life, food, water, shelter and love.  So, is it any wonder being out of their owner’s presence causes some anxiety? During 2020, with people not leaving their homes, dogs became accustomed to constantly …

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Newly adopted dog? Now what to feed them?

pet parent choosing pet food

by Debbie Brookham, Clinical Pet Nutritionist You just met the love of your life! You are bringing your new love to its new forever home. No, really! People that get a dog have a human-animal bond like nothing else. Your newly adopted dog will count on you for everything. A place to sleep, a time …