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Animals and Aromatics

By: Lola Michelin LMP, LAMP, SAMP Scent is one of the strongest sensory experiences for most animals, especially dogs and horses. A dog’s sense of smell is exponentially greater than a human’s;  depending on the breed it can be 10,000x (short-nosed breeds like pugs) to 100,000x (bloodhounds) more acute. When a dog inhales, the functions …

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Top 3 Pet Nutrition Tips For Your New Puppy

pet parent choosing pet food

by Debbie Brookham, Clinical Pet Nutritionist IN 2020, through the midst of the Covid pandemic, lots of people found their new love in a brand new dog. Many dogs were rescued and found amazing new homes. Fast forward to 2023, I have noticed a continued trend in people getting new puppies.

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Tips for Helping Your Specially Abled Pet Live a Fulfilling Life

by Dr. Jeni Goedken, Hospice Veterinarian and owner of Fond Farewell. Pets with special needs hold a cherished place in our hearts. These dogs and cats face daily challenges with an inspiring amount of determination and resilience. Whether your pet’s mobility or sensory loss was sudden or progressed over time, when you provide them physical …

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Reactive Dogs: Fearsome Beasts or Simply Misunderstood?

reactive dog photo

by Frankie Jackson, CCPDT Certified Professional Dog Trainer & owner of Canine Counseling Imagine the scene. It’s a beautiful day, you’re strolling through the park and spot a sweet little Goldendoodle racing around. Suddenly she spots another dog, this one is on-leash, and races towards them to say hello. “It’s ok, she’s friendly!”, the owner …

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Petworks Best of 2022 Awards

Our 2022 winners went above and beyond in their service to pets this year. Pros were selected based on successful bookings, and their commitment to happy customers via the Petworks platform. The winners represent the top 2% of Petwork’s national database of 5,500+ pet care professionals. Debbie Brookham – Pet Nutrition Consulting, Lake Havasu City, …