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Want Your Dog to Listen to You? Be Someone Worth Listening to

Hiking with dog

by Sandra Roosna, CCDT, FDM, & owner of Benny’s Best Dog Training Want your dog to listen to you? Be someone worth listening to. How? Establish a relationship with your dog. Your relationship is the basis for trust and safety. It is what helps your dog to recognize that you make the right decisions, so …

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Infections in Dogs & Cats: How To Cure Naturally

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by Jody L. Teiche, Certified Pet Homeopathic Educator & owner of The Hound Healer It started with a sniffle. I noticed Anabelle sounded congested one day. She seems to have some trouble breathing but did not seem in distress (that would’ve been a vet or ER visit, if severe enough). My mama bear instincts kicked …

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Best Practices For Behavior Training Dogs

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by Vivian Zottola, MSc, Human Dog Relationship Therapist, & founder of BostonK9Concierge LLC When teaching any non verbal individual, whether a human child or non human animal (pet dog), there really is no place or need to use force or pain. Kind training is supported by the veterinary community in peer reviewed scientific literature, American …

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Happy Dog, Busy Dog

busy dog happy dog

by Bryan Litchford CPDT-KA, owner of PCDTRAINING, and author of the book Excuse Me Sir… Do You Speak Dog? Help my dog ate my couch! I don’t think there is a week that goes by that I don’t get a phone call from a frantic dog owner crying foul. My dog ate my couch, my …

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Fear of Car Rides in Dogs and How You Can Help

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by Andrea Marx CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, CDBC, FFCP Many puppies and dogs are afraid of car rides. Often this resolves by itself by taking the puppy to fun places in the car. But sometimes a more linear approach to treating car phobias is needed because the fear doesn’t go away or even gets worse over time.