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Hire the expertise of a certified animal behaviorist, and uncover the root causes of specific behaviors in your dogs and cats. Facilitate positive behavior changes. Our skilled canine and feline behaviorists collaborate with you and your pets to nurture and maintain desirable behaviors. Our certified feline and canine behavior consultants will be able to help you on the Petworks platform via video consultations. Read reviews from pet parents, receive complimentary quotes, and schedule either remote video sessions or in person pet behavior consultations, with a certified animal behaviorist through Petworks, today.

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A certified animal behaviorist specializes in understanding and modifying the behaviors of dogs and cats, offering invaluable assistance to pet parents seeking positive behavior changes. A certified dog behaviorist or cat behaviorist employs their expertise to analyze the root causes of specific behaviors in pets and develops tailored strategies to encourage positive changes. Through collaborative efforts with pet parents, feline and canine behaviorists provide guidance, and support to nurture desirable behaviors in dogs and cats, enhancing the bond between pets and their parents. Whether addressing issues like aggression, anxiety, or obedience, a certified animal behaviorist employs evidence-based techniques to promote a harmonious relationship between pets and their families.