Whitehorse, Yukon

I have always loved animals. As a child, I volunteered at Stanley Park Children’s Zoo in Vancouver, and fondly remember hand-feeding the fruit bat; sitting in the pen with a baby black bear on my lap; and playing with Fudge the beaver.

Alison had the wonderful opportunity to work at a small animal veterinarian clinic in Vancouver for 6 years before changing careers and embarking on a new path - holistic health, healing and caring for both herself and her own animals. This has developed into a passion for helping you and your animals in your own journeys to wellness.

My training and official designations include:

Certified Advanced Equine Massage Therapist (CEAMT)

Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT)

Quantum Touch® Practitioner and Instructor, Level 1 and Level 2 (QTP/I)

Touch for Health Practitioner (IKC Assessed)

Body Management Practitioner (Animal and Human)

Memberships include:

* International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork

* British Columbia Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork Professionals

* Quantum Touch® Inc.

* Reflexology Association of Canada

* Yukon Wholistic Health Network

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