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Like humans, animals sustain injuries that negatively affect their quality of life. Pet physical therapy, also known as animal rehabilitation, is a specialized branch of veterinary medicine focused on improving the mobility, strength, and overall well-being of animals, particularly those recovering from surgery, injury, or suffering from chronic conditions. Using a variety of techniques, such as hydrotherapy, therapeutic exercises, and manual therapies, trained therapists work with pets to alleviate pain, restore functionality, and enhance their quality of life. Whether it's PT for a dog rehabilitating after orthopedic surgery, or an aging cat with arthritis, pet physical therapy plays a vital role in enhancing the comfort and vitality of our furry companions, allowing them to lead healthier and happier lives. Animal physical therapists help injured pets regain their well-being, and ensure a long and healthy life to come. Petworks has local, certified cat and dog physical therapists available to hire. See rates, reviews, availability. Securely book animal rehab care on Petworks.

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Let pet physical therapy and animal rehab help your beloved creature recover from injury. Read reviews, rates, and book a certified pet physical therapist on Petworks now.