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Austin, TX, USA

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Bea Swasey

Customer Reviews

Brea was outstanding!!! She really knows her stuff…
She asked for Mr. Baby’s medical records & from there, she calculated exact portions for my Mr Baby’s medical needs …
From recipes to exact protein, vitamins and vegetables…
I truly am impressed and I will absolutely recommend her to all of my friends are looking for a great nutritionist…

I am forever grateful because I was looking for someone to help me balance, my baby’s diet

- Adriana Bolanos

Bea is responded quickly to our request, by the time Bea received our completed questionnaire we already had an appointment scheduled, on our zoom appointment Bea asked lots of questions about our pup and her allergies, our environment, what we had tried, what worked and what didn’t etc, Bea is very knowledgeable and professional and answered all our questions, within two days I had my recipes, and I’m on my second batch Choy absolute loves her food I can’t wait to receive all her supplements and hopefully my little Choy will feel better, I can’t thank Bea enough we are so glad we found her, Thank you Bea :)

- Mario Pavesi

Bea was very thorough and went over recipes and my dog's specific dietary and health issues.She took her time,answering all of my concerns. I feel more confident now that I'll be able to cook for Finn and I already see an improvement in him.I highly recommend Bea for anyone struggling with their dog's diet.I want to add that when I was sending inquiries, most of the answers were on the generic side. Bea took the time to tell me her ideas and suggestions before I even chose her.That's when I stopped looking.I knew she was the right nutritionist for us.Don't hesitate to use her.She's extremely knowledgeable.

- Joyce Throm

She was so thorough, knowledgeable, and encouraging about diet and nutrition. I just really love the whole holistic healing with proper nutrition and healthy supplementation. I personally see a naturopath so why wouldn’t I want my fur babies to be taken care of the same way with nutrition and holistic healing? Can’t wait to see my babies thrive health wise and try these recipes for them, I know they will never look at food the same way!

- Sarah Sorrentino

Bea has been wonderful to work with she is knowledgeable in helping me with my cavachon”s health and preparing healthy foods n supplements. I now adopted a new puppy n Bea is helping me with her new diet n health as she grows n educateing me on vaccines schedule etc.

- Heidi Colangeli

Excellent! Bea was so knowledgeable and kind in presenting the diet for Daisy! We’re excited to cook for our girl and pray it works for her! Thank you Bea for your guidance!

- Suzie Walden