Jessica Otten

Jessica Otten

Richmond, TX 77406, USA

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Jessica Otten

Customer Reviews

Wonderful. She’s very open to my ideas. Was the most responsive, answering all my questions. She is currently working on my recipes. I would definitely recommend her.

- Kathy Schepers


- Chyanne Brake

Jessica was so knowledgeable and kind! She really listened to me and provided me with some really concrete, helpful next steps. I really enjoyed working with her!

- Danielle Reich

Jessica was very nice and knowledgeable.

- Maja Dhanawade

My consultation was very helpful and all my questions were answered, we're going to work together to find a diet that will work for my dog.

- Meg Grant

My appointment went very well. Jessica was fantastic! She was very thorough - she requested our pup’s medical records prior to our consulation because our pup has a liver condition. In speaking with her, I felt she had completely reviewed the records. She listened to our fears and concerns with a home made diet and explained everything to us in an easy to understand way. I had researched home made dogfood recipes before finding Jessica and found it to be overwhelming. Jessica really helped with that. I can’t tell you how excited and confident we are to begin this journey.

- Lisa Zeiber

Jessica was a great help with my cat, who is a complicated case. He has food allergy/intolerances as well as hyperthyroidism. Jessica helped us navigate what foods to try both for iodine content and for allergy symptoms. She left us with several options and our first option is working well. I emailed her multiple times about how the foods were affecting my cat and she had great feedback and suggestions. She really helped.

- Kris Ames

Wonderful advice and grateful for Jessica's knowledge and opinion.

- Wendy ONeal

Jessica was great! She was extremely knowledgeable and catered everything to my dog. Can’t wait for his new meal plan!!

- Kara Maglio

Jessica was amazing! She was very knowledgeable and friendly. She was a huge help with coming up with ideas to help my pup.

- Danielle Aikins