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Lisa Lawrow

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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Lisa Lawrow

Customer Reviews

Lisa gave me a lot of information to help my pup… I appreciate her very much!

- Jamie Rico

Lisa is a beautiful person. She gave me extremely valuable information about my cat. Since our session, my relationship with my cat has deepened, and I am able to connect with her effectively regarding some behavior issues. I highly recommend Lisa.

- April Greenan

This was a great opportunity to be connected to my beloved cat, Isabella, who passed away last year. The information provided was clearly from Bella. Lisa was caring, had a gentle approach, and has amazing skill.

- Bonnie M King

Amazing experience! Thank you so so much.

- Tommie Whitten

Lisa was amazing! Very informative and gave me a new sense of relationship with my recently adopted cat who was previously a feral. Looking to book another session with one of our other cats!

- Hannah Spucches

Wonderful! Lisa was super informative and helped me get to know my little girl even more!

- Audrey Cullen

Very helpful in understanding some of my pup's frustrations. Lisa was great to work with and followed up with recommendations. Thank you!

- Tiffany Bickers

Went well

- Elizabeth Kelley

We couldn't be happier! So much great information to help our sweet pup. So grateful to Lisa. Thank you

- Annie Maniscalco

Great! Lisa is wonderful and she has worked with both of our cats

- Hannah Spucches

It is clear that Lisa actually communicates with our cat, Sophie. She understands Sophie's personality and emotions without our describing them to her. She listens to Sophie and tells us how we can give her a healthier, happier life. Her help is invaluable to us.

- April Greenan

I have now had the pleasure of working with Lisa twice. She helped me when my first cat was passing, and she recently allowed me to get in touch with my kitten. She has such a kind spirit and provides helpful insight into better connecting with pets. Her advice is spot-on, as she is clearly communicating with my pets. I highly recommend her. She is now my go-to pet communicator.

- Erica Nerb

Lisa was excellent. 10/10 recommend!

- Lyndsey Macmillan

Everything was great.

- Marlee Ickowicz

Everything went well! Lisa definitely connected with my dog.

- Kamila Miller

Lisa was calm and helpful with my very stubborn cat who has some behavioral issues. I noticed marked improvement from my cat after the appointment and for many days since. My cat has been calmer and more affectionate and more respectful. Thank you, Lisa!

- Anita Mechler

Lisa was wonderful! She answered all of my questions before hand so I knew what to expect. During the reading, she was kind and respectful of what I was experiencing as well as what was going on with my kitties.

I plan to meet with her regularly going forward and highly recommend her to others!

- Rebecca Grundhofer

Lisa is so fantastic and my cat Michi really responds well to their conversations. She is great at helping us set parameters that are mutually fulfilling for my cat and I; our already loving relationship has VASTLY improved with better communication. Thank you so much, Lisa, our little furry family is more harmonious and happy with your help!

- Anita Mechler

Lisa got every one of my cat's personalities to a T!! She spent the time talking with each and addressing each of their issues. While it's only been 24 hours, I do see a bit of a change in everyone! I was very happy with the session and will definitely recommend her to friends.

- Tracy Czerwonky

Lisa has been so kind and thoughtful in working with our sweet kitty, Allie. Her insight into and work with Allie has helped her tremendously as she is grieving her lifelong kitty companion. And knowing Lisa is there has been a comfort to me, as well. This has been my first experience partnering with a pet communicator. Lisa was able to connect with Allie at a level which I have not been able to. As a result, both Allie and I are feeling more connected. And Allie truly seems to feel more understood. Allie probably would have told me to contact Lisa a long time ago if only I could have understood her request. Thank you so much, Lisa. We appreciate you and are grateful for the compassionate sharing of your special gift and overall love of animals.

- Deborah Brehm

Very well

- Anne Furlani

Lisa is the best communicator I have experienced in working with my very smart and often stubborn cat. My cat is always calmer and easier to manage with changes after speaking with Lisa. Thank you for helping our family!

- Anita Mechler

Lisa was absolutely wonderful. She was so thoughtful with her reading. She always ensured my husband, myself, and our pup were comfortable. She ensured all of our questions and concerns were addressed. My sweet pup was very intrigued and responsive to Lisa’s reading as well!

- Carly Swanson

You are wonderful, Lisa. Thank you so much for your tremendous support and for communicating with my sweet Sheba. You have been such a blessing.

- Sherry Stephenson

Wonderful. Thank you

- Sherry Stephenson

Lisa is wonderful. Thank you -

- Sherry Stephenson

Lisa was kind and helped us with our cat.

- Toni Jones

Lisa is just greatest. All of our lives have vastly improved with her guidance.

- Anita Mechler

The arrangements were made very easily, and Lisa was wonderful to speak with about our dog, Lily. I'll be making follow-up appointments to "stay in touch" with Lily in this medium. Thank you!

- Teddy Anastaplo

Lisa is always VERY helpful in communicating with Lily, especially before significant events like a vet visit or a long trip. It's a very good feeling to think that Lily is prepared for what's to come and knows we'll be doing our best for her along the way. Thank you so much, Lisa!

- Teddy Anastaplo

Lisa was amazing! I lost my guinea pig Ollie and it felt so wonderful being able to connect to him again. She was so good at connecting to him and I was able to get my questions answered. Also learned we had multiple past lives together! Definitely recommend Lisa she is incredibly kind and compassionate.

- Melanie Schmidt

Went great, thank you!! Loved our conversation.

- Jessica Izzo

Lisa was amazing. This was my first experience with an animal communicator and I am a firm believer in Lisa’s ability to relay an open dialogue with my German Shepherd. She told me things about my dog that I hadn’t mentioned and was so accurate with those assessments. It was such a positive experience I am booking another session in the upcoming weeks.

- Sheri Robinson

I have worked with Lisa a few times since she is so wonderful, and each time, she has listened carefully with care. Her readings have brought me some sense of peace and provided helpful insights to ensure I am doing the best for my pet. I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to work with her and highly recommend booking with Lisa!

- Erica Nerb

Communication with the human and pet went well and efficient. Lisa has great energy!

- Stephanie Petrow

Lisa was so kind and gave us a ton of insight on Rudy! We learned a lot about each other and made sense to a lot of his quirks! We have been talking about his reading all week and just so excited to move forward with his responses in mind! Lisa explained everything and offered assistance after the reading for any questions, which I thought was so thoughtful!

- Taylor Huerta-Cote

Thank you! :)

- Mekalah Deibler

Lisa has such a calming, welcoming presence and is amazing at what she does. Our session was so helpful and insightful; we can’t wait to book another call with her!

- Gina Nielsen

Intuitive with my dog.

- Rhea Neuberger