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Jennifer Luciana

White Plains, NY, USA

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Jennifer Luciana

Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for the guidance and care in successfully helping us find our fur baby! You were spot on! You kindness and care will forever be in our hearts! I cannot thank you enough!!

- Michelle Scouton

It was the best thing ever. Thank you Jennifer.

- Yuko Carey

Jennifer is wonderful. She is educated, friendly, and extremely competent.
She has a great energy about her that instantly calmed my dog granting her trust to perform the massage.

Jennifer teaches you massage skills and is available for follow up phone calls/video chats if you have any questions.

She is full of resources!

My 14yr old 28lb Australian cattle dog has been struggling with and over-working his hind legs when he’s fallen on the floor and struggling to get up.
This really helped loosen him up!

Thank you Jennifer!

- Devon Miller

Absolutely amazing. The day of the meeting i got a call from someone who seen my cat. It was where she said she was. I did not trap Mika. But I have hope and I am not giving up! I highly recommend Jennifer.

- Richard Erbe

Jennifer was easy to work with. In my conversation with my pet, she mentioned a few things that reassured me that only pet would have known.

- Gloria Florek

She didn’t connect at all. There was nothing about my dog that she knew but she was very nice about everything.

- Teresa Schefke

Meeting with Jennifer was helped by her connecting with my cat.

- Geneen Nevens

Jennifer sent me great energy. I had that feeling that I would find my dog. She guided me to the right location. Very glad that I reached out and contacted Jennifer.

- Carol Lesho

Jennifer was a fantastic communicator, ensuring that I had a clear understanding of what to anticipate during the session. Throughout our time together, she exhibited nothing but kindness and warmth. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with soulpup under her guidance.

- Stephanie Ordonez

My session with Jennifer was really interesting and informative. I had certain things going on that I was concerned about. I left with clarity and direction which has enabled me to take better care of my pup! I would absolutely recommend her to a friend.

- Holly Jamison

Jen did an excellent job.

- Robert Schubert

Jenn was amazing: so gracious and wise. Her kindness and her love for the work she does truly shines through.

- Esther Lee

Decided to cancel. Sorry.

- Aleasha Keene

My experience with Jennifer was positive. She promptly responded to my request for assistance in finding my lost cat. She was able to psychically connect with her to find out her physical and mental condition, whether she was hungry, and pinpoint her approximate location. Jennifer is the real deal. The information she gave me was accurate. I highly recommend her.

- Catherine Brokmeier

Wow, just wow. Jennifer was amazing, I love her energy so much. I reached out to her because my cat was having a lot of anxiety issues and I wanted to know what was going on and how to help. She told me that there’s a non-malicious spirit in my house that was causing my cat great distress. I already knew about the spirit so any doubts I may have had about long-distance readings were instantly shattered. What I didn’t know was that it was bothering my poor fur baby. As I was talking to her about it and telling her that I would take care of it my cat, Doc, hopped up next to me on the couch and gave me all of the head butts, which is how he normally shows his affection, as if he was thanking me because now I finally knew what was wrong and could help him. So thank you so much Jennifer for helping us connect. If you have anything you need to talk to your pets about, book with Jennifer!

- Chelsea Littlefield

Jennifer was wonderful. I was nervous at first, but her gentle, kind demeanor put me at ease. The information felt spot on and I now feel validated that I am making the best choices for my sweet little dog. Thanks again, Jennifer ♥️

- Nicole Francisco

reading doesnt seem to resonate with the reality but Jennifer seems to be very experienced. would have appreciated more guidance beyond a reading but i do understand she's busy

- Carrot Wang
Pet Pro Response:

I’m sorry that you felt our session did not resonate with you. I did my best to help you locate your dog. I do not find it appropriate that you repeatedly texted me afterwards, asking me (amongst other things) to analyze your dream about your dog, or to “just sense if she’s near me” while I was working with other clients, without booking a secondary appointment. I also don’t find it appropriate that you gave me a 2/5 review after I was unable to give you a same-day appointment. I did offer to help you again at my next available opportunity. I hope that you and your dog are reunited, I sincerely do, and that one of the other five communicators that you’ve worked with will eventually be able to make that happen for you. Stay blessed.

- Jennifer Luciana

Great reading with tons of empathy and she connected with my lost kitty boy. He was found near structural buildings that she highlighted in her reading and he was healthy and ready to come home from his adventures!

- Licinda Peters

Thank you Jennifer for your insight and truthful readings from my baby BW that passed. It truly gave me some peace and better understanding. It's an experience I will never forget. Your sweet soul and empathy was felt during feedback on my connection with my son that passed. As well as spot on readings from my baby.... Thank you jenn!!

- Keith Anolick

Jennifer was very intuitive and informative. She gave us information and locations we would have never searched. She cares and is truly compassionate. Not only for our pet but also, our well being. Most importantly she gave us hope for the possibility that we reunite with our sweet cat Willie again.

- Karen Thompson

We had a great session with Jennifer! We learned a lot about our cat. Jennifer was very professional and communicative, and overall a lovely lady. Thank you Jennifer!

- Avery Knudson

Jennifer was great. She was able to get the answers I needed from my cat. I appreciated her style and approach to the end of life questions I had for my cat. Would definitely recommend her if you are a struggling pet owner wrestling with the decision of when to part with your ill pet.

- Jeff Guida

Jen is a godsend. Her "talk" with my dog Scotty as he approaches the end of his life due to kidney failure gave me some peace of mind and hope that Scotty and I will be reunited in the future.

- Paul Eichholtz

Jen was phenomenal! She brought things up that there’s no way she could have known. It really helped answer some questions that have really been weighing on me. I’m so grateful to have had this experience with her!

- Melissa Koch

I contacted Jennifer to help me find Ella, my dog who went missing. Using her crystal, Jennifer did a map dowsing and sent me a screen grab of the map with Ella's approx location indicated.
About an hour later, a neighbor called me. She spotted Ella in that same location.

- Dan Voltz

My session with Jennifer was wonderful and otherworldly. Her intuitive insights made complete sense, and truly resonated with my particular experience, and it felt great to have insight into my conversation with my dear cat Moon, whom I trust will find his way home, and I'm feeling so grateful to realize I can also consciously connect him with him, as I feel him closer. Really with such an uplifting energy Jennifer brings live the spiritual communication. Very thankful for her professional service and sharing her divine gifts and refined attunement.

- Eva Martin

She's quick to respond to messages. However, I had to cancel because I do not have a picture of the pet I want to communicate with.

- Joni Kingland

I met Jennifer for an in person animal communication (for an animal that had passed). She was very warm, welcoming, and very kind. She provided evidence that she was communicating with my pet specifically, so I was assured she was speaking with him. She knew details about his life that only I would have known. This gave me overall closure and comfort during a very sad and difficult time. Jennifer was very soothing and allowed for plenty of time to ask/answer questions. She has a very strong passion for her work. I would highly recommend her medium and psychic services.

- Brynne Freshour

It was amazing!

- Addison Colvin

My reading with Jennifer was absolutely everything I was hoping to hear from our beloved sweet girl, she provided me with comfort from the very start of our conversation, she was very compassionate and made us feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend if you are looking to connect with your pet on a personal level.

- Amanda

Absolute pleasure. Very fun reading, even during the darkest of times, for my little family. Jennifer is a direct line to those you’ve lost and or are still with. She has the gift and you won’t be disappointed!

- Elissa Patterson

So very kind and personal and help ease our pain by connecting with our pup. Thank you Jennifer.

- Tayler Ehrhart

Jennifer was very informative and helpful. She told me what my dog wanted from me and what was bothering helped me in understanding my dog

- Bobbie Skerrett

It was a great experience - good communication with Jen . The reading itself was so awesome - it left me feeling great and more understanding of my 2 pets.

- Barbara Piotrowski

this was more than i could have asked for! appreciated every second of it will definitely be back. such a positive experience

- Kaitlin Spaccarotella