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Heather Anderson

Cincinnati, OH, USA

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Heather Anderson

Customer Reviews

It was great. She was very clear and kind. Extremely helpful.

- Karin Coart

Thank you, thank you! You've been such a blessing and help.

- Jennifer Tobias
Pet Pro Response:

Thanks Jennifer!

- Heather Anderson

Everything went smoothly


Thank you so much for helping us connect more deeply with our fur baby, Bentley! We feel more on track and secure about what we need to do moving forward! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!❤️

- Cynthia Andrews Looper

Everything went on smoothly its my first time with an animal communicator and i love Heather such a wonderful personality.
I never thought i would be in contact with my lovely dog but it was indeed a wonderful moment.
Thanks to Heather.

- Sachin Priya Seethiah

Awesome experience. Everything made so much sense and I left with so much more than I bargained for and had the most incredible rest of my day... And Onwards! Heather has a natural free flowing energy that picks up on the true you (and your pets) right away. Such a pleasure to connect with such a soul. THANK YOU SAT NAM WAHE GURU

- Lucinda Wells

Thank you for your help. I feel like we have a plan and will work on it.

- Gail Barker

Just absolutely amazing. Super helpful in getting a plan together.

- Andi Gregorek

That was great, it was so nice meeting you and very helpful!

- Beth Forte

Heather had a lot of great insight, and she was able to communicate with our cat to provide us with some answers! Thank you so much!

- Misti Fyfe

Heather was incredible! The reading went wonderfully, soothing my worries.

- Natalie Brady

Heather was wonderful to talk to! I feel like she really connected with me and my pets.

- Cheryl Townsend-Braun

I had an excellent reading with Heather it was transformative. Helped me in my relationship with my dog but also in how I live my life. Highly recommend!

- Clare Lee

Very helpful! Really understood each animal's true character and relayed messages wonderfully!
Thank you and sending referrals your way!

- Janet Bowman

The reading went very well. I highly recommend Heather. She communicates very well and makes you feel safe and comfortable. I’m so thankful that I had my reading for my dog with her. Again, I highly recommend her.

- Amber Parker

Heather was wonderful. She helped me understand where my buddy is and through her I got to connect with his energy one more time. I feel at peace ❤️

- Sierra Carter

Excellent! Highly recommend

- Kim Lewis

Heather has an amazing gift and I feel blessed to have worked with her.

- Clare Lee

Not well....3-4 days without contact...time is of the essence

- Tim Passinault
Pet Pro Response:

Tim, I am so sorry you feel this way.
I connected with Freddy the same day I received your request. I went back several times after the initial reading to reconnect and ask the questions you had for him. We had many emails back and forth.
I am sorry that I was not able to locate your Freddy.

- Heather Anderson

Thanks so much! This was a great session and what I was needing for confirmation on my dog. Heather is very intuitive and provided me with information that I was not picking up on my dog and some alternatives and confirmations that came through. I appreciate all the feedback.

- Pamela Swanson

Heather was thoughtful, perceptive, and gave us some great ideas to help 3 very different cats get along. I'd definitely recommend her!

- Lauren Jappe

Thank you!

- Joe Felix

Oh my, Heather told us things that only my husband and I knew. She gave us some peace with a recent pet passing and told me some information about another pet. I am scheduling
another session with her for my other two dogs.
I was so somewhat overwhelmed with the accuracy of the information.

- Kathy Collier

Great insight and REALLY helpful for our current situation. It was very beneficial and I'm so grateful for Heather's help.

- Kate Gilliard

I loved my chat with Heather so much! I was pleased she was able to connect with him and I so well. We'll definitely be back!

- Kim Chisholm

Heather is absolutely amazing. She was asked to enter into a very different type of situation she had never encountered before helping myself and my beloved Taavi who passed 4 months prior. Taavi was more than comfortable with Heather and I was finally able to receive the information I needed from him, clear and concise. BRAVA!!!!!

- Judith Krauss

Heather communicated with my dog Sheyna that has recently passed on.
She totally exceeded my expectations of what the reading would be. She said a lot of things, that she could only get from Sheyna. Heather is amazing and the best I ever had! Thank you so much Heather!

- Wendy Visschers

Heather was great and gave me such confidence in moving forward with making the decision to help my Roux transition. Thank you, Heather for sharing your gift with us. God bless you and all those you help. You gave me such a precious gift to have such a beautiful conversation with my boy. I am forever grateful.

- Hailey Melancon

Was an amazing, eye opening experience. Having rescue dogs with unknown pasts can bring a lot of questions and the insight from Heather was truly a gift and Im excited to strengthen my bond with my dogs!

- Victoria Battaglia

Heather was so great! It gave me closure and peace of mind that our Selina is doing well and happy

- Kristen Graves

Everything went great!!

- Maralee Martin

went very well

- Flossie Amoua

Everything went smoothly and it was really helpful.

- Kirsten Castinado

Great reading!

- Michelle Mammen

Heather was so helpful with us communicate with our dogs! We will be back!

- Jane Hyde

Heather is amazing. In addition to clear communication with my dog, I sensed deep love and wisdom from her. The reading was very informative. Recommended!

- Tara Buckland

My friend liked her reading!

- Kate Cothell

Heather was very nice and extremely compassionate.

She was able to provide some answers to things that have been on my mind and bothering me.

She connected with 2 of my living dogs that I have had concerns with and my little guy who passed last year.

I left this session feeling a lot better.

Thank you Heather!

- Stephanie Marsch

Heather helped me to feel better with the unexpected passing of my Siberian Husky Rio of which I was really struggling with. She told me things that Rio had showed her so that I would know that it was him and that he is ok. That he is always around me and our other 2 huskies and that he will continue to give me signs that he’s always near and how best to be able to receive the signs he is showing that he’s with us!

- Tamara Stotts

Heather was on-time, very thorough and clear. She took the time needed to convey the messages, thoughts, and feelings that came to her. She helped shift my perspective and my approach towards my dog moving forward. Would definitely recommend. Thank you again.

- Norma Estrella

Heather was a wonderful help for me in giving me news that I needed of my missing kitty Sheba. I am grateful to her for her help and compassion.

- Sherry Stephenson

Wow! It was our first time working with a pet communicator; we didn't know what to expect but Heather really helped us better understand our dogs, and her impressions were sooo accurate it made us laugh sometimes. We highly recommend working with Heather.

- Quyen Nguyen

Not happy with my reading waste of money.She recommended my cat take prozac for a biting issue..I dont take meds so i would never give them to my cat..She claimed no supplements would help her only prozac...I actually found out today what her problem is and in process of dealing with
it...Sorry to leave a not good review but i am an honest person and Petworks sent me an email to review 2 x now.

Pet Pro Response:

I believe that the information I received showed me that your animal was experiencing behavior issues due to some kind of chemical imbalance. I mentioned Prozac as something that has been beneficial for others in similar situations. I recall you telling me that you do not like to give meds. My suggestion was to check with your health provider to ask about other possibilities that would better align with you.
I am sorry that your experience was not what you expected.

- Heather Anderson

Thank you!

- Chris Gatza

Heather was very professional and guided us through our first experience in the best way possible. She also suggested a course of treatment for our dogs’ rear legs that we haven’t thought of before. Great experience!

- Joseph Lankford