Michele Fisher

Michele Fisher

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Dog and cat training and behavioral modification

Training class offers fun for all and a well-mannered dog. A great way to understanding your dog and why they do the things they do. Always There Pet Care practices praise training with rewarding positive behavior promoting responsible dog ownership through the AKC Canine Good Citizen program, Michele Fisher is a mentor trainer for aspiring trainers through the Animal Behavior College.

Training should be a fun and educational experience for your dog and the whole family. It is important for everyone who has contact with your dog to be involved with the training process. Learning communication with your dog and understanding why dogs do what they do is a big part of the training process.

A positive approach to the basic praise obedience training is available for dogs of all ages. By using a balance of meaningful rewards, human praise, correction and understanding, this training program is effective to teach owners how to live with their dogs in harmony. This program will encourage them to become a loving and structured member of the family.

I am a certified dog and cat behavior and obedience trainer. In addition, I am a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen, (CGC) evaluator and a certified mentor trainer with the Animal Behavior College, shaping students to become great dog trainers.

No dog is the same, every dog has his or her own custom lesson prepared for them. I get to know your dog well so that I can develop a fun and easy way to incorporate training to your daily routine.

Your dog will learn basic commands:



Stay in both Sit & Down


Loose lead walking with out pulling


Off / Leave it

Drop it

House Breaking, Crate training

Having issues with Behavioral Problems that need corrected:


Biting / Mouthing

Jumping on People

House Bounding

Running through open doors

Counter Surfing

Chewing on furniture, objects around the house, clothing, etc.

I also work with issues like Aggression, Dominance, Separation anxiety, Submissive behavior, etc.

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Michele Fisher