Ashley Mapes

Ashley Mapes

I'm Ashley Mapes, I have been training dogs since 2005 and training dogs professionally since 2011. I am a Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviorist.

I use the LIMA methods to help with even the most frustrating dogs.

ANY DOG can be trained. Training is all about consistency, clear communication, time, and lots of reinforcement.

Training is a great way to build a relationship between you and your dog, establishing communication and mutual respect. I want to help you and your dog become a working partnership, reaching goals together and overcoming obstacles as a team.

Your family dog needs to know how he fits into your lives and how to be part of your family. Training is one way to help you and your canine companion be able to work together, understand each other, and know the rules of the house.

All of my work is trying to bridge the gap between humans and dogs. Any dog can learn to be your perfect companion. It doesn't mean you will control their lives, more like giving them a set of rules to live by, that way they know your expectations.

If you are interested in learning and growing with your canine companion, then you have found a great opportunity.

Located at

466 hwy 316

Swan, IA 50252

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Ashley Mapes