Anna Lostritto

Anna Lostritto

Rockville, MD

I am a huge animal lover and have always been able to see each animal’s individual personality, soul and beauty. I’ve had a number of remarkable relationships with animals, Including a terrier/poodle/Maltese mix, a guinea pig, and two very special rabbits!

I’ve always been intrigued and interested in Reiki since I was young. I found a certification program for Animal Reiki in 2018, and shortly thereafter became certified to practice and teach. My credentials are through Montgomery College, in Rockville, Maryland.

I have done Reiki in person with dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits, a horse, and goats, sheep, and a pig. I have many friends through social media from around the world that I help on a weekly basis. I also volunteer at a rabbit rescue program in my free time.

I provide Reiki for animals both in person and by distance. However, because of the pandemic, I am only doing distance Reiki at this time.

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Anna Lostritto