Dulsanea Naedek

Dulsanea Naedek

Hampstead, MD

Welcome! Thank you for taking your time to learn why and how I work with Reiki’s Spiritual Energy to help both animals and their companions/caregivers to balance the energy patterns that strengthens the body's natural ability to heal. My family cat, named Fuligan, is the inspiration for my work in the field of Animal Reiki. Since childhood all animals hold a special place in my heart – Fuligan though, opened my heart and spiritual presence even more to the serenity and harmony of healing energy when he received his first long distance Reiki session which diminished his pain and created a calmness within Fuligan as well as for myself, and gave me the strength both physically and emotionally, to continue talking care of him. That loving initial Reiki experience renewed my ability to connect with him deeper and understood his wishes, as well as his gratitude for the love and care received. Experiencing all of this allowed Fuligan a peaceful transistion with love and compasssion within all of us..​. His experience gave me the gift of realizing all that matters is our state of being in the moment and accepting each moment... thus my Reiki Spiritual journey began...

As a life-long animal lover, I am devoted and honored to holding that beautiful healing space through Reiki to help and give a voice to our animal companions with their healing process. During this process the animal will communicate with me providing additional information for their human companion.

****I have also included quality - organic- CBD that is US Hemp Authority Seal Approved to my services. Feel free to contact me for any questions.



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Dulsanea Naedek