Ani Velasco

Ani Velasco

North Carolina

I was a very sensitive and intuitive child. As early as 3 years old, I experienced a dog spirit named Toby. Due to my intuitive gifts, I felt different from others and was cautious to share my gifts.

Because of health challenges, I decided to work from home. Always possessing a love for animals, In 2008 I decided to board dogs in my home. My two fur babies loved it.

In wanting a deeper connection with my dogs and the dogs I cared for, I felt inspired to use my intuitive gifts. So I picked up a book on animal communication. These pet psychic techniques were easy! Right away I started communicating with my own dogs and my boarding clients. Then I started communicating with the birds in my backyard and it grew from there. There are times I have felt  an animal's pain, discomfort and anxiety. Which drew me to my certifications in adamantine healing systems and reconnective healing for animals. These experiences motivated me to develop and focus my gifts as a pet psychic to help as many animal friends and pet parents as possible.I can help provide you with answers to questions or confirmation what may already know about animal friends. I assist you in solving challenges and understanding them in a better light. This applies to a gopher eating your vegetable garden or your house cat that is not acting like themselves. As a pet psychic, I can see past the superficial to reveal deeper underlying challenges. After communicating with your animal friend, I provide advice, suggestions and help you come up with solutions.

Until I connect with your animal friend’s, we never know what wisdom they have to share with us. Trusting our animal friends wisdom and pure love is a truly amazing experience.

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Ani Velasco