Terri Wallace

Terri Wallace

Phoenix, AZ

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of the Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms with you and to share my natural gifts as an Animal Communicator & Holistic Healer. Since I was a young child I have been able to communicate with all species of beings both living and those that have transitioned. My earliest memory about animals is walking to and from kindergarten. A white butterfly, a bee, 3 sparrows and a black bird would walk with me, keeping me company. It was not until a little later in my life that I learned that there were others that could communicate with animals but that not everyone had developed this gift.

I have always worked for organizations aligned with the well-being of plants and animals. I have experience with a variety of animals ranging from domestic to wildlife, as well as all aspects of the plant world.

Later in life I studied a variety of holistic modalities to assist animals and people through the healing process in all stages of life. Some of the modalities I have studied and practice include Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Herbal Remedies and more. I studied and practiced Mayan-based Shamanism, and have achieved certifications as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner, Animal Psychology and Ordained Minister. I attended St. Petersburg College in Florida for International Business and have run several of my own businesses.

I currently offer communication consultations, natural healing services and a variety of workshops/training in Animal Communication, Plant Communication, Animal Reiki training & other Holistic Healing Modalities.

It is my goal to raise awareness and advance inter-species relationships, on both the personal and spiritual levels. Through my work, I guide people to deepen their connection with all species in an honoring manner, and am inspired by being a voice for the animals and natural environments.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service to in any way I can.

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Terri Wallace