Tammy de Oliveira

Tammy de Oliveira

Mine has been a journey of learning, discovery and growth. It has been filled with the greatest of teachers, animal and human, blessings and gifts – all of which I am so thankful for. When I started this journey 15 years ago, I had no idea that I would be able to help others, human and animal, and every day I learn more and more.

Inside each of us is a well of knowledge, of untapped potential and innate gifts, and if we can allow ourselves to overcome fear and to learn to trust and have faith, that is when the miracles happen.

I have had a diverse career history from hospitality to veterinary practice management but my whole life I have been pulled towards trying to understand the meaning of spirituality and just knowing that there is “more” to life. I have always had a very strong connection with nature, animals of all kinds and connecting with the Divine. I have tried many spiritual tools and techniques but it was the animals that helped me to understand that everything I need is already within me. That is about coming into a place of conscious awareness and presence that I am able to hear my soul, my spirit and the Divine speak to me.

I finally, after years of working in the “corporate” world knew I was being pushed take a leap of faith and to trust in my abilities and that is when I started doing intuitive animal communication full time. I thought that is where it stopped. That I had found my niche, my calling. But the animals knew better and so did Spirit. Through the communications I found myself connecting on deeper levels with my human clients and began to see the correlation between what the animals were experiencing or going through and what their persons were experiencing. Like mirrors, the animals were reflecting back to their humans what they most need to know.

This led me onto another path of “reading” for the humans. Helping them to understand where there blocks may be, what their souls were trying to get them to hear so that they could walk a smoother, easier path. To help others to uncover their untapped potential. So I carried on learning, working with the Tarot, the Pendulum, Reiki, healing modalities and grief counselling so that I could serve on a much greater level to both human and animal.

It is with such gratitude and love to every human and animal, every tree, flower and sentient being and to Spirit that I am able to serve and help you all.

Love and blessings


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Tammy de Oliveira