Nancy Gordon, LCSW CLC

Nancy Gordon, LCSW CLC

San Diego Ca USA and global on internet

"They lived and loved and laughed and left" (James Joyce)

... and we will never be the same.

I've been called a "grief whisperer" and specialize in transformational grief for both humans and pets. After "lifting up" (not putting down) my two service dogs, Toaster and her 3-legged hairless daughter, Pink, within 9 months of each other, I realized there are inadequate supportive services in the pet industry to help pet parents go through this heartbreaking journey.

There often are no words to ease the grief of any type of loss, but I’m proud to say I have found the words that move us forward in grief when I wrote "From Hurting to Healing Chronic Illness and Disability: 7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart" ©2014-2021. In using this methodology that unfolded for me personally to transform the emotional, mental, and spiritual impacts of my own experience of chronic illness and disability, I became known for providing a road map to healing the emotional, mental, and spiritual impact of many challenges. I use these same 7 powerful practices to guide pet parents to face their loss and heal the grief that follows in a transformative way, which also honors their relationship with their pet.

My upcoming book in this series "From Hurting to Healing Pet Loss: 7 Powerful Practices to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart" ©2014-2021 guides you to do just that. When I applied these 7 Powerful Practices to my grief journey of lifting up Toaster and Pink, I found that the same practices not only helped me heal my grief, but guided me beyond the grief to heal many lifelong lessons that can be found within our life challenges (for example, Powerful Practice #1 is Surrender...Without Giving Up- the hardest step for me and is woven into every challenge I have ever had!).

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (Oregon ONLY#428) and a Certified Life Coach(global), it is my passion to help others through their journey of grief in all its stages. I experienced a lot of grief when I had to close my private practice and go on disability after a car accident. But it led me to discover this rare breed and Toaster, eventually her 3-legged daughter, and ultimately to help others through their own journeys of grief through the methodology I discovered for myself and through which I have helped many others.

Please watch this Animal Planet documentary on our inspirational story about how my two service dogs-Toaster, rare hairless breed, Xoloitzcuintli, and her

3-legged daughter, Pink -took me by the leash down a path of transformational healing from challenges of chronic illness and disability to profound triumphs and ultimately, to my return to private practice after years of disability. Pink, my 3-legged dog taught me many things, one of the most profound triumphs was to "just do it differently". Her true story of how she never gave up, had courage to learn how to "just do it differently" was the roadmap to my own resilience and Nancy Gordon Global. I get it. I can help you.

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