Shawn Abel

Shawn Abel

Billings, MT, USA

Hi! I'm Shawn. I make art, and things with art.

I was always an artistic kid, excelled at art in school, and, when I graduated high school, I went off to college to get a degree in art. I quickly realized that the "education" they were offering was NOT for me. I left after a year and found work in every job I could find that utilized art. Over 20 years I worked in t-shirt shops, embroidery shops, print shops, sign companies, TV stations, newspapers, a tattoo studio for a little bit. I got a real world, hands-on education. And now I do my own thing.

On I offer a unique Pet Portrait Painting Service. I think art should tell a story, so when you order a Pet Portrait from me, I'll ask you to send a few photos of your pet along with a brief story of who they were as a member of your family. I'll work to incorporate your images and memories into an original work of art, and, when your happy, I'll send you a print to hang on the wall and a digital file to share on Social Media.

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Shawn Abel