Ariane Holzhauer

Ariane Holzhauer

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I have been a cat lover from a very young age, when my family adopted our first stray cat.

Since then I have continuously had cats for 45 years. Some of them were with me from birth, to the moment they passed. Three of them even traveled with me from Europe to the East Coast of the USA. Two others joined me when we drove across the continent to the Pacific Northwest. I would never move anywhere without them!

With having cats for so long, comes the experience of living with them through sickness and health. I know that as a caring cat owner, it can be hard to leave home when your pet has medical needs. And even if your cat is thriving and healthy, you want to be sure they are in safe and knowledgeable hands when you are away.

Even though cats are happiest in their own home, they really enjoy it when a friendly person spends time with them (apart from feeding and litter cleaning of course) for loving play, cuddles and care. They often sense, and love, that this person is there just for them!

Before starting All Cats PDX, I was a professional in information technology, working as a software product manager for various companies in Europe, New York and Portland, OR, as well as being Executive Director for a non-profit supporting entrepreneurs.

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Throughout my professional career in IT, I learned to appreciate and value the unique and special love that cats give us as our life companions. At the end of a stressful day, it was always comforting to be greeted with the unconditional love of my furry family members.

I feel fortunate to have been able to make my lifelong passion for felines my next career!

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Ariane Holzhauer