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Book a telehealth consultation session with a vet tech. A veterinary technician, often referred to as a vet tech, is a skilled professional who plays a crucial role in the field of veterinary medicine. These individuals work alongside veterinarians to provide essential care to animals, both in clinical settings and in various animal healthcare facilities. Vet techs perform a wide range of tasks, including assisting in surgeries, conducting laboratory tests, administering medications, and educating pet owners about animal health and wellness. They are instrumental in ensuring the well-being of animals by monitoring their vital signs, assisting with diagnostics, and offering compassionate care, making them invaluable members of the veterinary healthcare team. Book a vet tech consultation on Petworks today.

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A certified veterinary technicians performs a wide variety of animal nursing duties. Vet Techs understand the bond between pets and their parents. They offer empathy and support during challenging situations, and provide guidance for overall animal and pet wellness.