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A Guide to Washing Your Dog

by Nikki Musko, owner of Nikki’s Collar Club

Contrary to popular belief, washing your dog isn’t as simple as getting your dog wet, scrubbing some soap into their fur, rinsing the dog, and leaving it to dry. Bathing your dog is actually far more complicated than that. While there are some simple general rules for how you should wash your dog, how often you wash your dog and the tools you need to wash your dog vary depending on your dogs breed and type of coat.


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Pet Grooming 101: Brushing Up on Grooming Certifications

by Olivia Watson, Team Petmasters

Most pet parents would agree that when they request a pet service of any kind, they are looking for a trustworthy, responsible, and above all qualified professional to care for the animal they love. Yet with so many certifications, associations, and organizations surrounding pet professionals, it can be difficult to navigate these titles and the skillsets they represent. So what does professionalism look like in the pet grooming industry, especially for pet parents who may have no idea who they’re handing their precious pup or favorite feline off to for hours at a time?  (more…)